Rugged metal fire doors and sturdy drawers combined with wood finishes. Our Fire Safes are truly the perfect combination of both beauty and world class protection. A perfect accent to any home office decor, these luxury fire safes are specifically engineered to provide the peace of mind that valuable documents and other items remain secure from theft as well as the ravages of fire. Read More
Don’t let disaster wipe out your data. Phoenix files and safes protect digital media from fire, water and theft — using extra insulation and moisture barriers to guard memory sticks, hard drives, CDs, DVDs and USBs. Read More
Whether you’re guarding money, records, electronics or data, Phoenix has the safe for you — with available options of solid steel, reinforced bolts and digital locks. Protecting documents and peace of mind is a perfect combination. Read More
Nothing destroys pasts and threatens futures faster than fire. Nothing protects them better than Phoenix. Our fire-resistant files and safes are built for the harshest fires, designed for many decors and available in sizes you need. Read More

Protecting Valuables is Our Burning Passion

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Ask any Phoenix customer whose documents and data withstood a fire and the water to extinguish it: Not all files and safes are created equal, and none rival the protection you get in products from Phoenix Safe International.

  • Files and safes tested and rated for protection from fire, water and theft
  • Products that can guard both documents and data against disaster
  • Numerous features available to personalize your protection needs
  • Eye-catching styles that fit into any modern décor
Penny Cooper, Jeff McQueen, Janet Pape, Sharon Maish-Ford
Clockwise from Top Left: Jeff McQueen, Janet Pape, Penny Cooper, Sharon Maish-Ford

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